About Us

Women for Refugee Women challenges the injustices experienced by women who seek asylum. It was founded by Natasha Walter.

Women come to this country fleeing persecution such as arrest and imprisonment. Many of them are also fleeing persecution that is targeted particularly at women, such as rape, forced marriage, honour crimes, and trafficking for forced prostitution.

Our recent research shows that half of women seeking asylum have been raped as part of the persecution they have experienced. Yet the majority of these women are refused asylum.

Hannah Maule-Ffinch

If women are refused asylum they face destitution and detention in the UK, and deportation back to places where they feel they would be in danger. 

We aim to enable women to tell their own stories about the persecution they have experienced and the problems they face in the UK. We believe these women have a valuable role to play in informing us about their own experiences and in building better futures.

Join us to stand up for women who are in need of sanctuary.


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